Sport Cruiser™ Pet Bicycle Basket

Wicker Pet Bike Basket

Comfortably holds small-med pets up to: 13 lbs and 13” high at the shoulder plus a couple of pounds of gear. 15 lbs total.

EZ Click Bicycle Bracket

The Sport Cruiser features the EZ click, yet dependable handlebar bracket for fast and simple removal and attachment. FITS ALL STYLES of handlebars!

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Wicker Cruiser Size ChartSizing Pets for the Wicker Cruiser

To see if our Pet Cruiser (Sport or Wicker) will fit your pet, including extra room for turning around, the length and height measurements used are easily calculated by measuring as follows:

Height: Measure from the floor to top of the shoulder (Withers) and that measurement should not exceed 13".

Length: Measure from the nape of the neck (where the collar fits) to the base of the tail, that measurement should not exceed 13".


Never leave pet unattended or alone in the basket while bike is resting on a kickstand.

CAUTION: Never leave animals confined and unattended in direct sunlight, without ample ventilation or where there is a risk of overheating. Be sure to secure your pet with the harness. PLEASE RIDE RESPONSIBLY!

Riders should always wear an ANSY/ASTMY/SNELL approved helmet. Do not ride when wet outside. Do not ride at night. Read the bike and Pet Cruiser owners manual before riding. Conduct pre-ride check before riding. Check on local bike laws before riding. Do not exceed 15 lb weight capacity limit. Do not install safety straps in way that will interfere with brake cables, brake levers, gear control shifters. Ride safely! For Ages 13 and Up.

A modern spin on the classic standard of American bike baskets.

Pet Cruiser Wicker CrusierThis new innovative portable bicycle basket allows you another opportunity to spend time with your best friend, cruising down the road in fashionable comfort, and style. Snaps-on in seconds to all handlebar styles with our new 3.5” nylon quick click positive locking connectors.

Secures to handlebars with patented quick click connector that fits all bikes, loaded with useful pockets and doubles as a portable pet carrier!

The brightly colored sport basket is deep enough to comfortably fit pets up to 13 lbs. and 13” at the shoulders. Lots of roomy storage space in three cargo pockets for both you and your pet’s travel necessities. Safely accommodates up to 15 lbs total with your pet and gear. Weighs in at less than 5 lbs. and collapses in down to 3” for easy transport and storage.

Sport Cruiser EZ Flow Air Vents for your pet's comfort.
EZ Flow Air Vents
The Sport Cruiser has lots of storage space.
Lots of Storage Space
All Sport Cruiser Bicycle Seats come with optional sun shades.
Optional Sun Shade

• Safe, comfortable and durable padded interior construction
• Two additional bayonet clips work as additional rugged handlebar safety connections
• A stabilizer bar under the basket supports unit from rubbing against the front tire.
• High visibility reflector strips all around for added low-light safety, visible from a mile away
• Six built-in air vents, keep your pet cool and allow for drainage in case of unexpected downpours
• Quick snap removable sun and wind shade to protect your pet from the elements
• Includes adjustable pet safety harness keeps your pet secure
• Two sturdy carry handles for easy portability and a 45” shoulder carry strap, doubles as a quick leash
• Three cargo pockets for you to stash your leashes, keys, cell phone, sunglasses and more
• Water bottle pocket and large bottle leash
• Covered with easy clean 600 X 600 denier rip stop polyester
• Removable and washable liner pad
• 60 day warranty & satisfaction guarantee. (excludes damage from pet chewing)

Wicker Cruiser Dimensions

11" high (18" high with cover), 13" deep, 16" wide

Washable: Hand wash with mild soap and warm water.

Weighs Less than 5 lbs

Shipping Weight: Approx. 7lbs

Some assembly required

The Pet Cruiser sport bike basket is available in four hot fashion colors: Pink, Blue, Lime and Silver.

Sport Cruiser Bicycle Pet Carrier comes in Pink.
PINK (Item # BC100)
MSRP $89.95+s/h
Sport Cruiser Bicycle Pet Carrier comes in Blue.
BLUE (Item # BC200)
MSRP $89.95+s/h
Sport Cruiser Bicycle Pet Carrier comes in Lime Green.
LIME (Item # BC300)
MSRP $89.95+s/h

• Comfortably holds small-med pets up to: 13 lbs and 13” at the shoulder and a couple of pounds of gear.
• Interior dimensions: 10”H X 12”W X 8”D
• Exterior dimensions 10.5 ”H X 13.5”W X 11”D
• Side Accessory Pocket Dimensions 8”H X 9”W X 2”D Gusseted
• Front Accessory Pocket Dimensions 6”H X 13”W X 2”D Gusseted
• Side Accessory Pocket Dimensions 5”H X 9”W X 2”D Gusseted
• 8” water bottle pocket with adjustable leash
• Weight: Less than 5 lbs
• Some assembly required

Sport Cruiser Pet Bike Basket $90.00+s/h

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